The Dulwich Village Forum was formed in November 2016, and is open to residents, businesses and schools in Dulwich Village. It aims to exchange information on issues to do with planning, traffic and transport, and to feed back any collective concerns to local and national bodies, including Southwark Council and Transport for London.

It plans to work closely with existing Dulwich groups, including the Dulwich Society, and Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes to School.

Please use the contact form if you have any queries or would like to get in touch.

Details of local associations of residents and businesses will be added as we receive them, but so far include:

Burbage Road Residents’ Association louise@louisewood.com (www.turneyandburbage.org.uk)

Calton Avenue Residents’ Association (CARA) caradulwich@gmail.com

Court Lane and Court Lane Gardens Residents’ Association (COLAR) admin@courtlane.info (www.courtlane.info)

Desenfans Road geno.luchmun@gmail.com

Dovercourt Road North Residents’ Association info@dovercourtroad.org (www.dovercourt.org)

Eastlands Crescent nitnia@totalise.co.uk

Gilkes Crescent GilkesResidentsAssociation@gmail.com

Turney Road Residents’ Association michael@cama.clara.net (www.turneyandburbage.org.uk)

Woodwarde Road Residents’ Association Woodwarde2014@gmail.com