Southwark’s decision

We have just heard that the council’s plans for Quietway 7 in Dulwich, including their original design for the junction in Dulwich Village, are now going ahead.

This means that the alternative design put forward by the Dulwich Village Forum is no longer being considered.

Work on Southwark’s chosen design will begin on Monday 21 August. (Notices circulated earlier saying that work would begin on 7 August were wrong.)

Local traders and residents made objections to the TMOs (traffic management orders) that go with Southwark’s scheme – for example, double yellow lines on both sides of the road at the junction end of Calton Avenue. Concern was expressed that there was still no resolution to the issue of congestion on a route intended for inexperienced cyclists, and that there had been no trialling of all the new features, including the change of priority. You can see the objections, together with comments from Council officers, here. Councillors from the Overview & Scrutiny Committee tried twice to ‘call in’ the decision, but were overruled.

We are told that there will be a review of the scheme, and a report to ‘stakeholders’ (we hope the Dulwich Village Forum is included), after eight to nine months.