Is no news good news?

Apologies for the long delay since we last posted an update on Quietway 7, but there is sadly very little to report.

We have still not heard whether a final decision has been made by Southwark Council on plans for the junction in Dulwich Village. Theoretically this might mean that the alternative design funded by the local community and CGS funds still has a chance, but we just don’t know.

We have also heard nothing, despite continued pressure from our local MP Helen Hayes, from local councillors and from members of the Dulwich Village Forum, about whether TfL will consider a new or altered pedestrian crossing on the South Circular. This would allow the Foundation School coaches to operate a different route, away from Calton Avenue, making Quietway 7 much safer for cyclists. The original Foundation Schools/Southwark report was prepared in July 2016, so we’ve been waiting a long time for progress on this.

In the meantime, local Lambeth councillors have ‘called in’ the decision on the Lambeth section of Quietway 7, which means that there have been formal objections to the plans in a neighbouring borough.

Finally, Southwark Council has been running initial consultations on a new Quietway that would cross the junction outside Dulwich Library and run down Woodwarde Road. More information here. As you can see, there is still time to make your views known as plans progress.